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Neighbours teases horror holiday week in 36 new spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos reveals what’s ahead in the week commencing Monday, March 7.

Levi and Freya have both gone away on the River Bend trip, Glen has organised the outing for several of the Erinsborough residents.

Levi has lots on his mind, Ned and Harlow recently tracked down Gareth, who claimed that Freya is a stalker.

Levi is refusing to turn against Freya, He doesn’t believe that Gareth has been telling the truth.

Freya surprises Levi, She admits that she has developed genuine feelings for him.

Levi is taken aback, Does he still feel the same way?

Gareth finally makes an appearance, Freya has been searching for her ex-boyfriend for several weeks.

Freya doesn’t get the reunion she was expecting, Gareth has a gun.

Gareth takes Freya, hostage, Freya is confused over what’s going on.

Freya becomes frightened, She starts to wonder what Gareth is capable of.

Things get tense between Gareth and Freya, Freya’s attempts to reason with Gareth come to nothing.

Levi and Freya have been separated, Levi knows that Freya is in danger.

Levi is injured after a showdown with Gareth, The incident has left him weaker.

Levi heads into the water, It’s his quickest way of getting to Freya.

Levi struggles in the water, Things start to go wrong.

Levi starts to lose control, The water becomes dangerous.

Levi’s fate hangs in the balance, Will he be okay?

Freya is terrified, Her hostage ordeal continues.

Gareth ties Freya up, The villain is determined to stay in control of the situation.

Freya feels powerless, She pleads with Gareth to stop.

There’s no reasoning with Gareth, But help may be at hand.

Aaron arrives to rescue Freya, He seizes his moment while Gareth is briefly gone.

Aaron and Gareth come face-to-face, Aaron is busted.

Gareth goes on the attack, He doesn’t want anyone to disrupt his plan.

Aaron struggles to keep the upper hand, Gareth means business.

Gareth overpowers Aaron, The worst happens.

Gareth isn’t finished yet, He decides to punish Aaron for interfering.

Gareth completely loses control, A violent incident follows.

Freya watches from the vehicle, She’s horrified.

Gareth ignores Freya’s pleas from inside the vehicle, He gives Aaron a painful punishment.

The beating continues, Aaron is left badly injured.

Aaron is in the middle of nowhere, Gareth and Freya are now nowhere to be seen.

David arrives, He turned up to make amends with Aaron after their previous rows.

David pleads for help, He has arrived with Amy, so he asks her to call an ambulance.

David continues to treat Aaron, His injuries look nasty.

The anxious wait continues, David worries about Aaron’s bleeding.

David and Aaron get help, Someone shows up in a car.


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