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Neighbours star Beth Buchanan teases Gemma and Glen romantic twist

Gemma Willis and Glen Donnelly’s romantic history is being explored, according to Beth Buchanan of Neighbours.

As part of her daughter Roxy’s wedding plot, Gemma returned to Erinsborough this month, bringing her face to face with her former flame Glen (Richard Huggett) for the first time in years.

The drama continues next week with Gemma and Glen sharing an obvious spark, which a jealous Terese notices (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

“It was a surprise to Gemma when she returned and discovered Glen there,” Beth told Digital Spy about the incident. It was a little awkward because they had to explain how they met and how they used to see each other a few years back.

“But they soon get over that and it’s fine. I think that, as Gemma is recently divorced, she’s now feeling a bit ready for going on a date.

“Perhaps she is looking at Glen and thinking, ‘Why not?’ He gets a bit flirtatious.

“Although Terese is getting jealous, Gemma doesn’t realise that. She has absolutely no idea that anything is going on between Glen and Terese.”

Because Glen has a love relationship with Kyle’s mother Sharon in next week’s shows, viewers will have to check in to watch how the tale unfolds.

Meanwhile, after initially opposing Roxy’s wedding preparations, Gemma is shown walking her daughter down the aisle in the big episode now that their problems have been addressed.

Beth went on to say: “I believe Gemma liked Kyle right away when she met him. She can tell he’s a genuine nice guy who sincerely cares about her daughter. She has no reservations about Roxy’s involvement with him at all.

“She didn’t think the wedding was a good idea because it was announced so abruptly and seemed to happen so rapidly.

“However, after meeting with Sheila, Gemma now wants Roxy to know that she supports her as a mother and that she would always be there for her. She changed her decision since she didn’t want to lose that connection. Sheila’s intervention, I believe, was the tipping point.”

“It’s just a few episodes,” she remarked, reflecting on her recent return. I have to say, it’s entertaining to come in and out. It’s always surprising to walk in and have scenes with different people without knowing what the tale is going to be about.

“I’m quite happy popping in and out, but it’d be great to have a bit more time on it as well.”


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