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Neighbours teases special London storyline in 20 new spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos revealing what’s ahead on the show in the week commencing Monday, March 28.

Harlow arrives in London, She has taken a trip away following her recent fling with Ned.

Harlow has lots on her min, But she’s hoping to put the Ned drama behind her.

Harlow is ignoring Ned’s calls, She wants to forget about life back on Ramsay Street for a while.

Amanda Holden guest stars, The Britain’s Got Talent judge takes on the role of Harlow’s aunt Harriet.

Harlow and Harriet catch up, They enjoy their time in the capital together.

Harlow and Harriet’s day is about to hit a snag, Harriet realizes she has lost Prue’s diary and Harlow is devastated.

Harlow is left baffled by Harriet, When Harlow next sees her aunt, Harriet seems rattled and runs off.

Harlow catches Harriet out, She sees that Harriet has Prue’s diary in her bag, which shows that it wasn’t lost after all.

Harlow wants an explanation, Harriet insists that she had her reasons for hiding the diary.

Harriet defends herself, She insists that she was trying to protect Harlow’s feelings, as the diary is full of details over Prue’s involvement in the mysterious Restoration Order.

 Harlow has a new love interest, She gets to know Corey during her holiday.

There’s a chemistry between Corey and Harlow, But is Harlow really over Ned?

Corey gives Harlow some advice, He suggests that Harlow should get closure by burning Prue’s diary.

Corey is keen to show how much he likes Harlow, However, Harlow ultimately turns him down as Ned is playing in the back of her mind.


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