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Neighbours to introduce new love interest for Harlow Robinson in London storyline

Neighbours’ In next week’s UK episodes, Harlow Robinson meets a new love interest during her stay in London.

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) travels to England after receiving a letter from her aunt Harriet (Amanda Holden). Harlow’s trip comes at the perfect time since things between her and Ned Willis are still tense following their River Bend hook-up and Ned’s choice to rekindle his relationship with Amy Greenwood.

Harlow chooses to ignore Ned’s calls in the next scenes while in London.

At the motel where Harlow is staying, she meets Corey (Laurence Boxhall), a charismatic stranger with whom she flirts. Harriet is the next person she encounters.

Harlow and Harriet had a fantastic day catching up, but Harlow is heartbroken when she discovers that her late mother Prue Wallace has gone missing. She attempts to retrace her steps, but she can’t find the diary.

Harlow eventually joins Corey for a drink and appreciates his company. When she later visits Harriet, she discovers that the diary has been stolen by her aunt.

Harriet admits that she invited Harlow to come to London after the Restoration Order – the cult in which Prue had been a member – approached her with an offer of a large sum of money for the diaries.

Following a meeting with Corey, Harlow decides to destroy the diary in order to be free of the Restoration Order.

Harlow and Harriet reconcile their differences.

Following that, Corey informs Harlow that he likes her. Harlow declines Ned’s proposal and proposes they stay friends, despite the fact that the whole affair with Ned is still fresh in her memory. Is this, however, Harlow’s final encounter with Corey?

In the London sequences, Harlow runs into Sophie Ellis-Bextor and strikes up a lengthy chat with her.


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