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Sam Frost’s subtle dig at Home and Away after quitting show

After announcing her departure from Home and Away a little over a month ago, Sam Frost has made a subtle jab at her former workplace.

Former Bachelorette Sam appears to have put her four-year time on the long-running TV soap behind her, with all of her scenes as Jasmine Delaney filmed back in December.

The 32-year-old, who debuted as nurse Jasmine on Home and Away in 2017, published an Instagram post from the satirical news site The Betoota Advocate on Friday, mocking the show’s dramatic storylines.

Home and Away writer sacked for not meeting one-car crash scenario every season quota,” the fake title joked.

Summer Bay, the imaginary beach town, does have an extremely high rate of automobile collisions, explosions, and other tragedies, especially as the season draws to a close.

And, with nearly 400 episodes under her belt, Sam has been a part of a number of bizarre plotlines — after all, her character Jasmine was involved in a car accident in her very first episode.

When Sam shared the photo to her Instagram Stories, she remarked, “The caption really made me chuckle.”

It comes after a source stated that Sam wants to go back to Melbourne from Sydney, where Home and Away is filmed, to be closer to her family.

“Those around her believe she’s going to throw in the towel with acting,” the source said.

“Sam sort of fell into it … it’s not a massive passion.”

Sam will instead concentrate on her work in the “health and wellbeing” area, according to the source. Sam claimed she’d written a book called Believe about her ‘personal experience’ with mental health shortly after her departure from the drama was announced.

“This is the story of my life.” One that I am quite proud to present. It’s about discovering strength, courage, perseverance, and optimism while learning life’s most important lessons.”

She founded and directs the mental health program ‘Believe by Sam Frost’, which she founded in 2015.

Sam announced she would be taking a vacation from television after causing controversy with a video regarding the Covid vaccine, stating that she would be written out ‘temporarily’ until after a medical operation’ in January.

However, on December 16, a network official revealed that she had permanently left the company. Sam is said to have filmed her farewell scenes as Jasmine the next day, although it’s unclear how she’ll be written out or when her final episodes will air.

‘Don’t want to get vaccinated’

Sam made waves in October after revealing her contentious Covid-19 immunization position in a sad Instagram post.

In the now-deleted video, Sam acknowledged not being vaccinated and talked about feeling “less of a human” as a result of “severe judgment” from society in the run-up to NSW’s ‘Freedom Day.’

She called the treatment of unvaccinated persons “segregation,” especially when it came to the state’s continuous limitations.

“I was really hesitant about doing a video or even speaking up about this sort of thing, but I feel like it’s getting to a point now in the world where there is a lot of segregation,” she began.

“There’s a lot of harsh judgment and opinions being tossed around a lot, and it’s taking a toll on my mental health for sure,” she continued, “and I know people around me are struggling, particularly if they’re on the side of not wanting to get vaccinated for whatever reason.”

Sam revealed that she had discussed her decision to skip the vaccine with her doctor and psychotherapist, but she kept her reasoning to herself.

“It’s a really hard time to be in society right now and you feel like you’re less of a human and you feel like people judge you,” she said.

“And you’re too scared to talk about your opinion or talk about your feelings, and part of you wants to go, ‘Well it’s none of your damn business why I’m not!’.

“It’s going to be a really hard time when vaccinated people are allowed out to do things and go to restaurants because I’ve made a choice.”

With additional reporting by Sarah Carty.


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