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Summer Bay is set to resolve cliffhanger storylines next week.

Returning: Home & Away

In just over a week, Home & Away returns to Seven for its 34th season, with a cliffhanger episode in which Mia (Anna Sampson) was chased by Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) with Matthew’s (James Sweeny) body in her boot.

Here are plots from Monday – Thursday next week.

Will Mia’s escape end in cuffs? Ari puts his life on the line. Will Ryder be buried alive? Alf asks Martha for answers.

Have Theo and Ryder dug their own graves? The Paratas are splintered by Ari’s actions. Roo & Martha reach breaking point.

Ryder says his final goodbye. Alf seeks justice for Ryder. Guilt-ridden Chloe goes to the Police.

Logan and Mackenzie’s romance is reignited. Felicity is ostracized. Logan is visited by a mysterious woman. Logan’s hidden kiss is revealed. Mackenzie is confronted with Logan’s background. Chloe’s crime is discovered by Bella. Mia makes every effort to keep her family united. Logan has to face his ex-girlfriend. Mackenzie has devised an odd strategy.

Begins 7pm Monday January 31 on Seven.


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