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she’s not leaving ! Sam Frost and Kirsty Marillier cheerfully filming her scenes with Nicholas Cartwright



As she prepares to depart the Channel Seven serial after four years, Sam Frost appeared upbeat while filming her final scenes on location in Palm Beach, Sydney, on Thursday.

Sam, 32, who has portrayed nurse Jasmine Delaney on the long-running series since 2017, left after receiving outrage in October after revealing she had not received the Covid vaccine.

While she still has a few interior scenes to shoot at Eveleigh Studios on Friday, it’s likely that her character’s last visit to Summer Bay was on Thursday.

She shared a smile with her co-stars while filming a beach scene, just hours before going out with Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash Newman, for a night out in the city.

While filming with Nicholas, Kirsty Marillier, and Jacqui Purvis, Sam flaunted her slim body in a sporty blue crop top and matching bike shorts.

As they proceeded across the beach, she appeared particularly close to tattooed Nicholas, who wrapped an arm across her shoulders.

After posting multiple photographs on Instagram that hinted they were dating, the former Bachelorette was forced to refute rumors she was dating Nic.

The couple filmed their night out on Instagram Stories after their day on set, with one video showing Nicholas smoking from a hookah pipe and the message ‘Celebrate!’

According to The Daily Telegraph, Sam will film her final scenes for Home and Away on Friday at Sydney’s Eveleigh Studios.

After that, the actress will relocate to Melbourne, where she will be closer to her friends and family.

After Seven Productions issued a vaccine mandate for all actors, crew, and presenters, she departed the show on January 10.

In a heartbreaking Instagram video posted in early October, Sam announced she was unvaccinated.

She also admitted she was having mental health issues as a result of people criticizing her immunization status.

‘I was really hesitant about doing a video or even speaking up about this sort of thing, but I feel like it’s getting to a point now in the world where there’s a lot of segregation,’ she said.

‘There’s a lot of harsh judgment and opinions being thrown around a lot and it’s taking its toll on my mental health for sure, and I know people around me are struggling – particularly if they’re on the side of they don’t want to get vaccinated, for whatever reason.

‘There are lots of different reasons why people are not getting vaccinated and it might be because of their medical history, their concerns, they might have a family history, it could be religious reasons.’

Sam then claimed she hadn’t been vaccinated, but that she had discussed her option with her doctor and a psychotherapist.

She added tearfully: ‘It’s a really hard time to be in society right now and you feel like you are less of a human and you feel like people judge you.

‘And you’re too scared to talk about your opinion or your feelings and part of you wants to go, “Well, it’s none of your damn business why I’m not! And there are good reasons why I’m not and I don’t want you to judge me.”

‘I’m struggling a lot with my mental health and I like to think that I’m pretty on to it. I see a psychologist regularly. So I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who don’t have a support network around them.’

Her video sparked a firestorm of criticism, largely due to her use of the word “segregation” to describe how society “judges” unvaccinated people.

The term segregation is commonly used to characterize civilizations that are separated along racial, religious, or sexual lines.

Sam was photographed on the Palm Beach set of Home and Away in the following weeks.

In late October, though, Seven issued a vaccine requirement for all of its shows.

From January 10, the network declared it would “only engage fully vaccinated presenters, actors, and crew,” effectively telling Sam, “Get the shot or face the sack.”

On November 2, she certified that she would be fully vaccinated by late February, around seven weeks after the vaccine mandate takes effect.

Her character would be ‘written out temporarily’ in the meantime, she said.

She claimed she couldn’t have the shot sooner because of an unspecified medical operation scheduled for January.’

She also stated that she would not be leaving the soap indefinitely and that she has the full backing of Seven executives.


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