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Sonny and Nina Run Into One Another on New Year’s Eve as Carly Encounters at the Footbridge

Finn and Violet join Liz, Scott, and the boys for a New Year’s Eve celebration at Liz’s house. Scott brought some of Franco’s old cassette tapes, which he felt the kids would appreciate listening to, in order to honor Franco’s memory. He also warns Finn to be careful where he walks because this is his family and his heart, but not to let on that he has one. Scott ultimately departs, leaving them to their revelry. Liz expresses her gratitude to Finn for assisting her in ringing in the year 2022.

Liz notices her wedding ring is missing from the sink shelf and assumes it has gone down the drain. Finn begins working on the drain, gets soaked in the process, but manages to recover the ring. Liz starts to put it on, then she stops. She opts to store her ring in a kitchen drawer. As she becomes distraught, Finn holds her.

Valentin recommends to Anna that they quit dancing around each other at Kelly’s. He believes they should leave this year behind and begin 2022 fresh and with each other.

The Savoy’s New Year’s Eve party is a smashing success. Curtis kisses Portia and tells her he’s looking forward to a new year and new beginnings with her. Curtis confesses to Portia that he’s in love with her.

When Lucy and Martin arrive, Martin inquires about Valentin’s reservation with the hostess. Lucy is perplexed as to why he is inquiring about Valentin. Valentin, he confesses, presented him an ultimatum: she or Valentin’s business. Martin recommends they return to his apartment and kiss. She agrees, but they are interrupted when Anna and Valentin enter. Martin is terrified because they are stuck. Lucy advises that he fire Valentin and hire her instead.

Nina screams to Maxie about Scott destroying her life, as well as Sonny and Carly’s, in court. When Obrecht joins them, Nina believes that Obrecht has told Scott about her and “Mike.” Nina is enraged because she believes Sonny and Carly’s marriage is in jeopardy, and her aunt has ruined her life. Nina’s life, according to Obrecht, was saved by her.

Nina lashes out at Scott for disclosing the truth as he joins them. Scott points out that he saved her life, and that if she wants to lecture about the truth, she should have told everyone that Sonny was alive a year ago. Nina can’t take it anymore and runs out, wishing them all a Happy New Year. Obrecht chastises Scott for sticking Nina’s nose in her error, and Maxie follows her.

Martin approaches Valentin and Anna, claiming to be by himself, but it’s good to see them together. Meanwhile, Lucy tracks down Maxie and uses her as a ruse to keep Martin from losing his most important client. Curtis later counts down to 2022, and numerous couples, including Anna and Valentin, kiss at midnight. Lucy and Martin go away for a private kiss.

Joss phones Cam from the Corinthos house and informs him that something important has happened and she won’t be able to be with him tonight. She says she’ll phone him at 12 a.m. Meanwhile, Michael informs Willow that Dante has located his father and that Sonny should remain his distance. Willow apologizes for causing such shambles. He blames it on his father, who he claims should have told the truth.

By the fireplace, Carly examines a photograph of Sonny and his stocking. Carly approaches Willow, Michael, and Joss, who asks Willow whether Nina requested her to keep the truth hidden. Willow acknowledges that she did and that she didn’t want to hurt Carly now that “Mike” is no longer alive. Carly worries if Michael is okay now that Willow has chosen Nina over him and the rest of the family. Michael does not wish to defend his father, but he is no longer “Mike” and does not care for Nina. Carly claims that she asked Sonny if he still has feelings for Nina, but that he was unable to respond. She screams out, unable to decide what to think about Sonny.

Carly wishes Jason was present on the balcony. Carly comes back inside and apologizes to everyone. She knows they’re all there for her, and she takes Willow’s hand in hers. Carly decides to go for a drive to clear her mind. Joss takes a break as well. Even though it’s almost midnight, Michael tells Willow that he’s not in the mood to party. They embrace despite the fact that she isn’t.

Dante discusses the hearing with Sonny at Charlie’s. Carly is perplexed when Sonny confesses that “Mike” was the one who fell in love with Nina. Carly will come around, Dante believes, and he reminds him how many times they’ve broken up. Sonny realizes that he should have informed Carly of the truth before it became public knowledge. However, between Jason’s death and Sasha and Brando’s baby, he never found the proper time. Dante inquires about his testimony and whether he still has feelings for Nina. Sonny acknowledges that he does, describing it as a feeling that he didn’t leave all of “Mike” in Nixon Falls. He still has a bit of “Mike’s” heart in his possession, and God help him, a portion of it belongs to Nina.

Dante feels his father should slow down while he downs beers. Sonny believes his son should be with Sam to ring in the new year. Dante offers to take his father someplace, but Sonny tells him that everything will be alright. They exchange a hug and a New Year’s greeting. Before departing, Dante takes his father’s keys from the bar and places them in his pocket.

Nina later shows up to Charlie’s, recognizes Sonny, and says she came to visit Phyllis. Sonny informs him that she is not present and that he must depart. Nina advises him not to drive in his current state, and he notices his keys are missing. She offers to drive him home, but he declines because he is unable to do so. Sonny agrees after Nina promises she’ll take him wherever he wants to go.

Drew arrives over at Scout’s house as a surprise. Sam is confident that she will be delighted to see him. Scout is given some 2022 glasses and a noisemaker by Drew. He also bought a pair of glasses for Sam, which he knows she won’t be able to resist. Scout requests that Drew stay until midnight, but Drew believes that this is past her bedtime. He offers to play aircraft with her and whisks her upstairs to her bed.

After Drew tucks Scout in, Dante comes over. Drew wishes them both a restful night and a prosperous year in 2022. Sam bids Drew farewell with a hug and invites him to visit at any time. Sam tries to explain to Dante that Drew came by to visit Scout after he’s gone, but Dante understands. They park in front of the television to watch the countdown and kiss on New Year’s Eve.

While viewing the fireworks on the Webber terrace, Joss runs towards Cameron and the others and kisses them. Curtis and Portia, on the other hand, return to his apartment and make love. While the fireworks explode overhead, Carly walks to the footbridge and says Jason’s name. Drew’s appearance astounds her.


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