Sophie Dillman: Who is Home and Away’s Ziggy Astoni?

    Sophie had always wanted to be an actor, but she never imagined it would happen so quickly or lead her to Summer Bay.

    “I’ve never been so tired but still so happy at the end of a day than I have been working on Home and Away. Nothing compares to the adrenaline. I’ve loved watching the process of this incredible show coming together and it’s surreal to be a part of it.”

    Sophie finished a Bachelor of Nursing at the Queensland University of Technology in 2012, following in her mother’s footsteps. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) three years later and has since appeared in a number of theatre productions as well as commercials.

    Sophie relocated to Sydney last year to pursue acting while working as a nurse. When she earned her first significant acting part, she hadn’t even told her mother that she had auditioned for Home and Away. “Someone had just thrown up on me on my first day at a new job as a nurse. I was about to change my scrubs when I got a call from my agent. ‘You’ve got the job!’ they exclaimed when I called them back.”

    Sophie plays Ziggy Astoni, a fiery and passionate young woman who frequently feels like the odd one out in her family. She’s been compelled to rebel and act out as a result.

    “Ziggy is a wild child. She’s a high school dropout working casual jobs and is lost in herself. Despite this, she’s a confident, fierce female who doesn’t take no for an answer.”

    Ziggy is particularly close to her father Ben (ROHAN NICHOL), and Sophie finds the job much more fulfilling because of this sense of family.”As an actress, I love being able to jump into someone else’s skin and build relationships with other actors. That’s exactly what I’ve been able to do with the Astoni family. We all connected so quickly.”

    Sophie is making the most of her time in Sydney by swimming, walking, and running whenever she can. She still visits her younger sister, parents, family, and friends in Brisbane on a regular basis.


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